That is SANWA Quality

SANWA Drawing Die Company began manufacturing dies back in 1942.
Since then, we have been producing wire drawing dies required by our customers for making Japanese high-quality wire. We have partnerships with more than 150 major listed wire manufactures in Japan, and we have been contributing to wire manufacturing with cutting-edge technology in numerous fields including the automobile, tire, motor, solar cell industries, and civil engineering and construction.

In order to meet the high standards of the Japanese market, we have integrated our advanced R&D, manufacturing techniques, skilled engineers, evaluation methods, and quality control with the continuous goal of attaining the highest possible precision. Our drawing dies are highly evaluated for heir ultraprecision with no product deviation, which improves wire manufacturing efficiency. At the same time, we are able to respond flexibly to requests for customization related to the raw material, shape, and delivery time. In this way, we are satisfying the needs of customers in Japan as well as throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Because of our long history of responding to the strict demands of the Japanese market, we are confident in our ability to help customers around the world to develop their business. Experience the quality of our wire drawing dies.